About Us

Who Are We?

-Empower Nutrition are a health and fitness supplements store based in Lancaster and Southport, UK. We are a community of sports professionals with a desire to supply the best knowledge and products. We are here to help you fulfil your fitness potential. Whatever you goal, we can fuel you on your journey.

What Do We Do?

-At Empower Nutrition we will help you find the right supplements for your goal. We will take the difficulty and confusion away from sports supplementation. We aim to be the most convenient supplement supplier, which is why we will even ship the products straight to your door, every month, you wont even need to do a repeat order. Collectively we have a great knowledge of nutrition and supplementation for all sports disciplines.


We don’t have a call centre or a sales team, instead we invite you to be part of our community, either online or in person, we are here to help you out. Being a part of our community allows you to expand your knowledge on all things fitness related and also share your existing knowledge with others. Take a look at our social media to see what we are all about.


-We take a lot of time and consideration when we choose our product range. We will only stock premium grade products with a proven track record of results. You wont see a lot of brands in stock on our website, that’s because we only want to supply you with the best. If you do have any requirements for a specific product from a specific brand we can help you find a great alternative or source it for you.


-We currently offer products from Applied Nutrition, Warrior, Warrior Princess and WillPower. We can however source products from almost any supplement brand, so if you like something and you can't see it, just ask!