Tayla Pendleton

Tayla Pendleton Brand Influence training at Everlast Gym in Southport doing hip thrusts. Now working and Anytime Fitness in Maghull, Merseyside. Representing brands including Warrior, Warrior Princess, Applied Nutrition and WillPower

Tayla Pendleton


Hi, I’m Tayla and I’m a 21 year old Psychology Graduate and a Level 3 Personal Trainer. My passion for fitness started around 3 years ago, more specifically the bodybuilding aspect.

My fitness journey has taught me a lot in terms of the importance of discipline, persistence and consistency when it comes to achieving your personal fitness goals.

I strongly believe that exercise and nutrition work hand in hand. Your lifestyle choices outside of the gym have a massive impact on your progress. A balanced diet and the addition of appropriate supplements are the perfect catalyst in anyone’s fitness journey and overall health and well-being.

I feel my ideology of health and fitness coincides with that of Empower Nutrition and Team #EmpowerYourself and I can’t wait to get myself involved!